Blog Post with Guest Cynthia Vermillion

The Laramie Project will be staged starting this weekend, November 5-6, 12-14. While the production creates a dialogue around the effects of Matthew Shephard’s hate crime. In a similar vein, Cynthia Vermillion has taken the time to discuss members of the LBGTQ community and the importance of advocacy within Hilliard.

“It’s easy to think that in Hilliard, Ohio this shocking denial of civility or rights doesn’t happen.” -Vermillion

Take the time to read Cynthia’s blog post before you join us in the theater this weekend. Don’t forget, if you are joining us at 3 pm, Nov. 7, there will be a talkback moderated by Cynthia following the production.

Cynthia Vermillion and Hilliard’s Role in the LBGTQ Community

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