Hilliard Short Film Festival

Saturday, May 20 from 4-9pm at Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center

We are pleased to announce the award winners from the 2023 Hilliard Short Film Festival, held on May 20th at the Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center. 26 films were screened in two divisions: Student and Adult. We are pleased to announce the winners.


Student Division

Best Film

1st place: “The Shooter Who Wasn’t” directed by David Pease

2nd place: “Papers for Superman” directed by Jay Hubbard

3rd place. “Masked Depression” Directed by Aaron Kim, Jimin Park and Yates Park
Best Actor: Theo White for “Papers for Superman”
Best Actress: Katy Larson for “For Granted”
Arabella Lloyd and Madelyn Pergrem for “You Never Learn”

Adult/Over 18 Division:

Best Film

1st place: “Zero Percent”

2nd place: “The Write Place”

3rd place: “The Craving”
Best Actor: Peter Gantenbein, “The Write Place”
Best Actress: Brandy Botkin, “Zero Percent”
Best Supporting Actress: Celine Koala, “Brad’s New Job”
Best Supporting Actor: David Reid Hatfield, “Three Quarters Dead”
Award for Outstanding Performance: Rhyan Hanavan, “A Balanced Breakfast
Directing and Cinematography
Best Directors: Benjamin McClain and Joseph Gailey for “The Write Place”
Best Cinematography: Benjamin McClain for “The Write Place”


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Rotary Club of Hilliard

Starliner Diner

Westwood Collective


Student Films Division:
Game Plan. Runtime: 7:43. Directed by Sophia Winters
A group of associates meet to finalize a high-stakes business deal that will lead to the end for one of them, but which one will be finished, and who is really in control?
Masked Depression. Runtime 7:30. Directed by Aaron Kim, Jimin Park, Yates Park
Examines adolescent depression. Each teenager’s story in the film recounts their struggle with depression and journey to recovery.
Doppelgänger. Runtime: 2:21. Directed by Nic White
A man is chased across the city by a strange figure.
Teen’s Guide to Marathi. Runtime: 5:00. Directed by Arnav Jadhao
After years of feeling left out, Trisha decides to learn her family’s language for her mother’s birthday. As she learns Marathi, it dawns on her that she does not need to know the language to be considered a vital part of her family.
MAMA. Runtime: 6:37 Directed by Evie Canary
Three children are in for a horrifying night when they sneak out into the nearby woods. (Frightening images or scenes.)
The Bunny. Runtime: 4:20. Directed by Shane Pergrem
Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail… It’s what nightmares are made of in this fun but terrifying short film when a cousin’s Easter sleepover turns evil when “The Bunny” shows up with his basket of fear eggs. (Frightening images or scenes.)
Go To jail – A 1 Minute Short Film. Runtime: 1:05. Directed by Gabriel Ison
A boy plays monopoly and gets frustrated.
The Shooter That Wasn’t. Runtime: 6:13. Directed by David Pease
A short Documentary about the near tragedy at a public High School, saved by the heroism of a anonymous girl that was willing to speak up. (Discusses school violence.)
Papers for Superman. Runtime: 8:22. Directed by Jay Hubbard
A father at odds with life rediscovers hope as he reads comic books with his young son.
For Granted. Runtime 11:47. Directed by Marcus Dye, Tyler Watson
Faced with the loss of a loved one, a high schooler and his friend walk through the grief together.
Over 18 Division:
Hidden Treasures. Runtime: 5:00. Directed by Samuel Adam Tony, Jay Hubbard
A man’s childhood toy is discovered to be a valuable collectable – if he can find it, that is.
A Balanced Breakfast. Runtime: 11:00. Directed by J.W.Cox
A neurotic, workaholic father sets out to find his favorite childhood cereal during an unexpected day off with his 13 year old daughter.
Sausage Sammich. Runtime: 4:16. Directed by Matthew Sams
Man’s eternal struggle with putting a straw into the lid of a fast-food cup.
Eight Steps for Achieving Financial Freedom. Runtime: 6:14. Directed by Anthony Windsor II
Ezra Spade provides viewers with a sure-fire way to chop away at piling debt achieve freedom, as long as her investment doesn’t cut loose and reach freedom first. (Frightening images or scenes.)
Brad’s New Job. Runtime: 6:48. Directed by B.J. Halsall
Brad screws up at work and needs a new job.
The Cosmic Egg. Runtime: 0:37. Directed by Richard Katterjohn
A tale of the beginning and the end of the universe.
The Craving. Runtime: 8:33. Directed by Russell Hopkins
A mysterious demon exists on a secluded farm needing human blood sacrifices to keep it’s evil from destroying the world. (Frightening images or scenes.)
Sisyphus Unbound. Runtime: 7:44. Directed by Ryan Fleming
A college writing student hopes to have his latest story published, but he must first get over one major hurdle before his work gets out to the world- his mercurial writing professor.
Three Quarters Dead. Runtime: 7:00. Directed by Angelo Thomas
Two souls meet in the space between this life and the afterlife.
Room Temperature. Runtime: 6:55. Directed by Brandy Seymour
Small town misfits find themselves stuck in a bunker awaiting nuclear war.
The Libra. Runtime: 11:32. Directed by Phillip May
A young man who can’t seem to escape trouble befriends a middle aged boxer and learns there may be more to him than than expected.
You’re Not You. Runtime: 9:06. Directed by Samuel Tony
When Harold panics over his Alma Mater losing the big game, his friends try to calm him down with a Snickers. Unfortunately, they’ve run out of said medicinal chocolate and decide to use whatever they have on hand in hopes of calming Harold down.
Fujiyama. Runtime: 9:21. Directed by Brandy Seymour
Two futuristic lady cops bust a forbidden speakeasy.
Snowy Glades. Runtime: 3:33. Directed by Thomas Angeletti
A woman becomes the target of a man she knows all too well.
The Write Place. Runtime: 10:00. Directed by Benjamin Jacob McClain, Joseph Job Gailey
A man struggles with losing his connection to his daughter only to find out things may even be more complicated.
Zero Percent. Runtime: 10:47. Directed by J.W.Cox
A woman held captive by an end of the world cultist, waits for her chance to escape. (Frightening images or scenes.)