Talking With

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Hilliard Arts Council is proud to bring another virtual production to our viewing public. Talking With is a series of 10 monologues for women. Show dates: Recorded performances, March 5, 6 and 7 Tickets: $10 per device – access lasts for 48 hours through Showtix4u Link coming soon! Overview: Talking With consists of 10 extraordinary monologues delivered by idiosyncratic characters that amuse, move and frighten—always speaking from the depth of their souls. They include a baton twirler, a fundamentalist snake handler, an ex rodeo rider and an actress willing to go to any length to get a job.  Target audience: PG-13 The following are the monologues and the people who will be playing those roles in the Hilliard Arts Council production of Talking With Fifteen Minutes: Joyce Patrone Scraps: Linda Sheppard Clear Glass Marbles: Rachel Wiltshire Audition: Amy Lang Rodeo: Alex Seifert Twirler: Tina Schreck Lamps: Jean Johnson Handler: Angela Clark French Fries: Kathy Sturm Marks: Sue...

Audition Announcement

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TALKING WITH Auditions for the Hilliard Arts Council production of Talking With will be held virtually January 29-Feb. 6. Talking With is a series of monologues for 10 women. In order to audition, access the script linked below to choose the part you wish to audition for and record yourself performing it Script Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iJfPzzPYFfgGiY4zLpRK4VX4FBUZ4HHq/view?usp=drivesdk Send the recording to Robin Brenneman at kenrob@columbus.rr.com. Once the play has been cast, Robin will work with each actor individually on zoom for a couple of weeks. The last two weeks will be done in person at the theatre with each actor rehearsing during a specific time. The production will be recorded and shown virtually on showtix4u. Questions please contact Robin at the above email...