The Laramie Project

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Due to governors Stay at Home order The April 2020 Laramie Project performance dates are postponed until the Spring of 2021.

Location: Hilliard Civic and Cultural Arts Center 5425 Center St, Hilliard, OH 43026

There are parts for 4 men and 4 women who each play multiple roles. Actors will be asked to do 2 or more readings from the script each time portraying a different character in order to demonstrate their ability to portray different characters.

The Laramie Project Character Descriptions

Tectonic theatre company member Stephen Belber

Doc O’Connor: Limousine Driver and local entrepreneur, 50s

Matt Galloway: Bartender at the Fireside Bar, 20s, Student at Univ. of Wyoming

Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney: 20s, works for the railroad

Bill McKinney: Father of Aaron McKinney, 40s, truck driver

Andrew Gomez: Latino from Laramie, 20s

Fred Phelps: Minister from Kansas, 60s

Mormon Spiritual Advisor: Home teacher to Russell Henderson, 60s

Conrad Miller: Car Mechanic, 30s



Actor 2 (Female)

Member of Tectonic Theatre company Amanda Gronich

Eileen Engen (ACT ONE) Rancher, in her 50s

Marge Murray: Reggie’s mother, 70s. She has had emphysema for many years but continues to smoke.

Baptist Minister: Originally from Texas, 50s

Trish Steger: Romaine’s sister, 40s.

Shadow: DJ at the Fireside. African American man.  30 years old




Actor 3 (Female)

Reggie Fluty: The policewoman who responded to the 911 call and discovered Matthew at the fence. 40s

Rebecca Hilliker: Head of the theatre department at the University of Wyoming. 40s. Midwestern accent

Waitress: Looks like Debbie Reynolds




Actor 4 (Male)

Member of Tectonic Theatre Company Moises Kaufman

Philip Dubois (ACT ONE) President of the University of Wyoming. 40s

Stephen Mead Johnson: Unitarian minister, 50s

Murdock Cooper: Rancher. 50s. Resident of Centennial, a nearby town

Jon Peackock: Matthew Shepard’s academic adviser. Late 30s. Poli sci prof

Dennis Shepard: Matthew’s father. 40s. Wyoming native

Harry Woods: Gay Laramie resident. 52 years old



Actor 5 (Male)

Member of Tectonic Theatre company Andy Paris

Jedadiah Schultz: University student, 19 years old

Doug Laws: Stake Ecclesiastical leader for the Mormon church in Laramie. 50s. A prof at the University

Dr. Cantway: ER doc at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie. 50s

Matt Mickelson: Owner of the Fireside Bar. 30s

Russell Henderson: One of the perpetrators, 19 yrs old

Aaron McKinney: One of the perpetrators, 21 yrs old. A roofer

Philip Dubois (ACT TWO): President of the Univ. of Wyoming, 40s

Kerry Drake: Reporter with the Caspar Star Tribune. 40s



Actor 6 (Male)

Member of Tectonic theatre company Greg Pierotti

Sgt. Hing: Detective at the Laramie police dept. 40s

Phil LaBrie: Friend of Matthew Shepard. Late 20s. Eastern European accent

Father Roger Schmit: Catholic Priest. 40s. Very outspoken

Rulon Stacey: CEO Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins Colorado. 40s. Mormon

Sgt. Rob DeBree: Detective SGT for the Albany County Sheriff’s dept. 40s. Chief investigator for the Matthew Shepard Murder

Jonas Slonaker: Gay man. 40s



Actor 7 (Female)

Member of Tectonic Theatre Barbara Pitts

Catherine Connolly: Out lesbian professor at the university. 40s

April Silva: Bisexual university student. 19 years old

Zubaida Ula: Muslim woman in Laramie. 20s

Sherry Aanenson: Russell Henderson’s landlord 40s

Lucy Thompson: Grandmother of Russell Henderson. 60s. Working class woman who provided a popular day-care service for the town

Eileen Engen (ACT TWO): Rancher. 50s



Actor 8 (Female)

Leigh Fondakowski: member of Tectonic theatre

Zackie Salmon: Administrator at the Univ. of Wyoming. Lesbian. 40s Texas accent

Alison Sears: Volunteer for a social service agency in town. 50s. Very good friend of Marge Murray

Romaine Patterson: Lesbian. 21 years old

Aaron Kreifels: University Student. 19 years old

Tiffany Edwards: Local reporter. 20s