Winnie the Pooh

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The Disney classic is brought to the stage with our By Kids, For Kids Program! Winnie the Pooh auditions will be Feb. 9 at noon and Feb. 10 at 3. There will be two parts to our auditions. We will bring groups of 10 auditioners into the Main Hall, where the director will need to observe how willing each auditioner will be, to freely portray a “caricature” onstage of various forest animals such as rabbits, gophers, skunks, pigs, kangaroos, and of course a loveable cuddly bear. Many of the actions by each character will carry humanistic mannerisms, however must also perform in the manner of each prescribed animal. Part one of auditions will involve some interactive scenes where the group of auditioners will be asked to walk and talk like one of the characters of the play. Everyone in each 10 person group will be asked to participate in this activity together as a group, so they should feel more comfortable, not singled out, and willing to take risks. The second part of the audition will include a scene reading. There are 6 scenes from which the Director will appoint auditioners to readfor whichever character they have indicated their...